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Republic of Moldova passed over the Chairmanship of GUAM to Ukraine

Republic of Moldova passed over the Chairmanship of GUAM to Ukraine

6th of December 2018, Milan – Republic of Moldova has handed over the Chairmanship of the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM) to Ukraine according to the rotation principle. This event took place at the meeting of the GUAM Council of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Milan, in the framework of the annual meeting of the national heads of diplomacies of the OSCE member states.   

Referring to the carrying out of actions included in the Republic of Moldova’s Chairmanship Program for 2018, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi, who chaired the meeting, noted that during this year a series of actions have been implemented , which have made possible the realisation of mutually beneficial goals both for the member states and for the regions they belong to, and thus establishing new partnerships of cooperation in political, economic, cultural, social and other spheres of interest.

Among the achievements of the Republic of Moldova’s Chairmanship in GUAM, the minister mentioned the holding of the reunion of the Prime Ministers of the member states, which took place in October in Chișinău. There, the participants have agreed on various subjects with practical impact on the cooperation for the member states, as well as for the economic operators and ordinary citizens. Among other important events, one can mention the holding of the 11th meeting of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly, the meeting of the Heads of Consular Services of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The Minister has also emphasized the string of joint actions undertaken by the diplomatic missions of the member states in their capitals of accreditation and within the frameworks of international organizations. „I am sure that GUAM’s tradition of consensus building, based on the goodwill of its members, would allow the Organisation to continue its advance towards a mutually beneficial cooperation at regional and international level”, said the Minister Tudor Ulianovschi .

The participants at the reunion highly appreciated the cooperation in the GUAM+Japan format and greeted the holding of the first meeting in the GUAM+Canada format, which was organized by the Chairmanship of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the Secretariat of GUAM. 

At the end of the meeting, the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs approved the decision to transfer the Chairmanship of GUAM for the next year to Ukraine. Minister Tudor Ulianovschi wished success to the Ukrainian colleagues, expressing his certainty that the Organisation will continue its path towards consilidation of the cooperation for the benefit of the member states and their citizens.


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