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State Secretary, Daniela Morari participated at the fourth edition of the Prague European Summit

State Secretary, Daniela Morari participated at the fourth edition of the Prague European Summit

20th of June 2018, Prague – State Secretary for European Integration, Daniela Morari, participated at the fourth edition of the Prague European Summit, organized by the Institute for European Policy EUROPEAUM and the Prague Institute of International Relations (IIR),  in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

During this year’s session a special attention has been given to the discussions on the future of the European Union, with a focus on EU perspectives having as background of the Roadmap for a more united, stronger and more democratic Union and the Agenda of EU’s leaders, the Common Security and Defense Policy, EU as a global actor, the financial framework after 2020, public perceptions in the EU, Brexit, etc.

In the panel discussion “Quo Vadis European Neighborhood?”, Daniela Morari presented the successes achieved in the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy, including the Eastern Partnership, as well as the ways to review the concepts taking into consideration the challenges at the EU level, as well as in the region. Also, the dialogue focused on the implementation of the Partnership priorities until 2020.

The summit has provided a useful platform for discussions and strategic debates among high-level political representatives, government officials, business representatives and academicians, civil society from different countries regarding the most actual economic, social, and political challenges that the European Union faces, both internally and externally.


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